“Rachel is dedicated to her work and careful to respond to your needs.”
– Brandon G.
Rachel did a great job on my back! I didn’t even know ribs could pop out, but Rachel put it back in place and my shoulder pain was instantly relieved. She is very attentive to detail and works on everything! I plan on going again.

– Bryant P.

“Rachel is awesome! She cares and takes the time to listen and address your specific ailments. She has helped alleviate my back issues and my post operative knee pain a lot. Highly recommended!”
– Chris D.

“Stop, drop and book an appointment with this woman. Rachel is a gifted healer that gives a juicy and deeply therapeutic massage. Her touch is intuitive, invigorating, detoxifying and restorative ~ you’ll come out of there like a wet noodle and your body will thank you!!”
– Ally M.

I’ve never had a massage like the one I had by Rachel. She is amazing! Rachel is very personable, thorough, compassionate and knowledgeable. Her passion for massage therapy shows from talking with her and during the massage. She checks with you throughout the time to make sure the pressure and technique is to your liking.
-Jacqueline D.

“Rachel is an amazing massage therapist. I hurt my shoulder (AC Sprain) a couple of months ago. I am a pet sitter and use my shoulder a lot for work, Rachel was able to keep me working without pain. She is also great at overall pain management and making me feel great. Rachel makes house calls which helps a lot with my busy schedule.”
– Kelley D.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia over 25 years ago and have lived with the constant pain until now. Receiving Restorative Therapy alleviates the pain caused by my chronic condition. I used to have trouble sleeping because of the pain, but I no longer do. I have also had back problems most of my life due to several car accidents. My back pain is now highly diminished. With Rachel’s help I have amazing use of my hip muscles and lower back, which I didn’t before. I hope to ride horses again one day and with Rachel’s help I know I will.
– Pamela H.

A few months back I messed up my upper spine doing some heavy lifting. I visited the Chiropractor seven times over the course of a month, and yet the problem persisted. Then a week or so after that I had two of Rachel’s massages…  I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical that massage could do anything, especially given what I’d already had done. However I went from having disorienting headaches, and back pain from even minor vibrations to feeling only a minor ache. As a results oriented kind of person I can’t really argue with what I experienced here. Do yourself a favor, if you’re in pain give her a call… Therapeutic massages are no joke.
– Chris G.